Mt. Airy Forest is one of the earliest urban reforestation project in the United States. With nearly 1,500 acres, it’s the largest park in Cincinnati’s park system

Mt. Airy Forest’s 1,459 acres includes miles of hiking trails, bridle trails for horseback riders, and multi-use mountain biking trail. Mt. Airy has Ohio’s only wheelchair accessible public treehouse, an enclosed dog park and disc golf.

Or just come for a picnic we have tables, charcoal grills and swing sets waiting for you.

If you want a great hiking, biking and adventure trail, check out Mt. Airy Park. It’s impressive size includes natural areas, amazing landscapes. The awesome hiking trails, paths, gardens and other improvements make Mt. Airy great. It accommodates all recreational activities. The park also has an 18-hole golf course. And for you dog lovers out there. The park boasts a 2-acre dog park.

Amazing place to hike in the city – especially nice when trees are changing. Also popular for cycling and frisbee golf, but the park is nearly always quiet and peaceful. There is also a garden/pond area popular for photography.

This is a huge park, with a gorgeous buildings, a public treehouse, playground areas, party areas (with picnic tables, shelters, etc.), a fantastic frisbee golf course, and some robust hiking trails. You could go again and again, and do very different activities every time!




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