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Have you ever lost your air conditioning during the night while you and your family were sleeping? OK, maybe it’s not quite as stressful as when your heater quits in the middle of winter, but, that can change really fast when daylight comes along and you’re sweating like crazy.

The heat doesn’t have to get you down though. Our team is always ready when you need your AC serviced. Some companies may only be working during certain hours but we’re working around the clock for the protection and comfort of our customers.



It’s true that some household issues can work themselves out in due time. Unfortunately, your home climate system isn’t one of them. If you’re not sure exactly when it needs repairs, here are the most common issues to look for:

  • It’s making strange noises
  • It’s emitting bizarre odors
  • Your energy bills have become unusually high
  • It’s short-cycling (turning on/off in abrupt bursts)
  • The airflow from the system is extremely poor
  • It’s taking much longer to cool your house

Think of any of these common signs as your cooling system’s way of communicating with you. What’s it saying? Basically, it’s saying that you have a problem and you really need to address it sooner rather than later. We’ve been in this field for decades and can definitely save you money by repairing your system immediately before things get worse.

Frankly, if you delay calling for service, you could easily end up paying more for repairs than if you had been diligent with contacting the professionals. The worst-case scenario would be the complete failure of your system, making it necessary for a total HVAC replacement. It’s important to remember that time is definitely a priority when it comes to repairing your home cooling system. Just contact us for speedy system repairs and you can count on us to do everything we possibly can toward minimizing your cost.


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Perhaps your system breaks down regularly or is way beyond repair. If so, it could be more financially feasible to replace it rather than constantly having to repair it. In addition, you and your family can enjoy all of the features of an upgraded unit that will not only save energy but give you cool luxurious comfort.


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When you put your trust in us here at Cincy Heating & Cooling, you no longer need to be wasting your precious time researching HVAC companies. That’s because we’ve helped our customers with beating the heat for many years and are ready to start doing that for you, too.

Schedule repairs or replacement services for your business or home today. All you have to do is call our professional repair team directly or, if you prefer, you can start by contacting us online to be cool as a cucumber!