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When your air conditioning system fails, you can experience more than physical discomfort. High temperatures can cause extreme dehydration in people and pets. If you take certain medications, heat can cause them to lose efficacy or even make you sick. Higher home temperatures can also cause food items in a kitchen pantry to go bad, and if humidity levels rise simultaneously, it can result in dangerous mold growth.

Hot outdoor temperatures never need to limit your life. Our experienced team is available 24/7 for HVAC system inspection, as well as maintenance and repair appointments. We also provide installation services.



Outside of regular maintenance calls, cooling systems usually give you some type of warning if there’s a problem. It’s important to call us as soon as possible after you receive a warning so there’s time to order parts or an entirely new unit before a total system breakdown. Emergency calls are also more expensive. Our goal is always to help our clients receive affordable service. Call us immediately if your system:

  • Takes longer than normal to reach the interior temperature you desire
  • Airflow rate from the vents doesn’t seem as strong as normal
  • Emits odd smells or makes one or more abnormal noises
  • Turns on and off again in short rather than long cycles
  • Electric bills have increased for no clear reason


Trusted Air Conditioning Replacement Contractors Near You

Some heating and cooling contractors fail to take the time needed to identify the root cause of a problem. Instead, they merely treat the immediate symptom with the easiest possible fix without determining if a bigger problem exists. We take the time to fully inspect a system so that we can provide you with a detailed report of the problem and our recommended fix for it. We also respect that everyone has a budget and do our best to provide a lasting repair at a budget-friendly cost.

If you have an old system that breaks down frequently or has far too much wrong with it, we won’t hesitate to let you know. Although buying and setting up a new system involves an investment on your part, it’s important to keep in mind that an existing system that requires a lot of repairs will cost you even more over time. A new, energy-efficient unit can also save you money on electric bills and potentially provide newer features that give you greater comfort. We can help you find and install an affordable replacement.


Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired? Call Our Team!

For decades, our team at Cincy Heating & Cooling has been helping our neighbors throughout the area maintain comfortable temperatures in their homes and offices. For more information or to schedule an inspection or a repair appointment, contact us today via phone or our convenient online form.